Our 2015 highlights

In 2015, our portfolio was larger than ever before, increasing by 31% since 2014.

In 2015

  • +31%

    increase in our financing since 2014

  • +21

    new initiatives were financed across our three signature programmes

  • +57,000

    beneficiaries across our three signature programmes


    beneficiaries across our humanitarian programmes

  • +8

    multi-stakeholder initiatives supported: Textile Exchange, OCA, Cotton 2040, Organic & Fair Trade Cotton Secretariat in Madhya Pradesh, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, South-South Solidarity, Better Buying, Amsterdam Coalition

  • €20m

    in co-financing for our grants has been committed in 2015/16 by other donors, leveraging our industry-wide impact on sustainable cotton, working conditions and forced labour

We judge our progress toward results

In 2015, we rated all of those strategic initiatives that have been running for over a year.

  • Green:
    Achievement of outputs/ outcomes. Conditions to support long-term impact. Barriers are mitigated.

  • Amber:
    Some evidence of achievement of outputs/outcomes. Progress towards long-term impact. Barriers not mitigated*

  • Red:
    Little evidence of progress towards outputs / outcomes / long-term impact*

  • *we work with partners on corrective actions to improve grant performance

Where our grants went
€37.9m in total

Geographical distribution